In general:

- for the indiviual transportation - cars and trucks, construction and agricultural machinery

- for the public transportation - locomotive, railway passenger cars, buses, trams, trolleys, cable carsetc.

- in line with requested  standards - flame resistant UIC 564-2 (DIN 5510.2), water resistance etc. 

- possibility of delivery in the design on the request of customer, incl. logo and the  name of operator

- production and elaboration on the request of the customer

 Innovative solution are upholstery fabrics on base of heavy, fixed knitwear with finaly finish of soft velour.

Using of this type of velour primarily enable:

- cost reduction connection with the restoration, service and care about seats

-  increased productivity in upholstery work

- to longer intervals between full recovery and upholstery

- eliminate affection of velour fabrics, which on the edge and on the crease thinn and reduced the  aestetic appearance