Elastic bands

Rubber tape made by French producer in Plymouth company is one of the top branch based with more than 50 years tradition.

Surface working, size stability and non-sticky placing in a wrap guarantee high efficiency of processing on all types of machines and stable size of the final production.

 Rubber tape

Varied range of the width and thickness, three colour design:

  • white

  • bright white

  • black


Optimal value for money, utilization rate and high quality:

+ guarantee of elasticity also after repeated washing and drying at high temperatures

+ guarantee absence of metal, hurting parts (according Marks and Spencer standards)

+ increased resistance to salt and chlorine water

+ important contribution to decrease in production costs

+ practical packing for manipulation, storage and use

+ identical expansivity at white, black and colour variants

+ larger width enables a stitch with 3-4 needles

+ meet Öko Tex 100 and ISO 9002 standards

+ character of the endless tapes (the pack doesn´t include knots)

Present usage of this rubber tape has no more limits only for the swimwear and underwear.

It is used for the production of sportswear (waistline border, on trouser legs, sleeves etc.), tights products, pyjamas, warm clothes, but also confection (skirts, shorts), or bedlinen (elastic sheet etc.)