We Celebrated 25th Anniversary !!! 25 years on the market for textile materials, preparations, accessories and consultancy services.
In a healthy financial condition, without debts,credits and other illnesses. :-)

     The company Altra, a.s. was established in 1993 by private group of people. The carrying object of the activity was and still is to do a general and foreign-trade business accompanied by general and branch consultancy. The main business items are materials and semi-finished products for textile production, especially then all types of underwear, swimsuit, light confection,  children clothing or sportswear and outdoor clothing. The part of the offer also approaches the producers of medical materials (surgical mask,  protectors, instrumental covers...) and aids (bandages, braces...), as well as companies that work in i.e. advertising. The offer also contains special fabrics and covering materials for the public transport or furniture industry.

On the territory of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland the company provides the long-term goods distribution of our main business partners and suppliers (i.e. Inplet pletiva/Slovenia, Plymouth Francaise/France, Lemax/Poland, Miranda/Poland, Vidal Aymerich/Spain ...).
According to the customer some parts of the goods are delivered in unfinished form, that means  thermoformed semi-finished products and editing parts or materials in customer´s required adjustment and finishing.

The main material assortment is distributed from our own store by the „just in time“ system with the possible delivery in 12-48 hours. Until then the Czech Republic entered to EU, the branch helped to keep this standard in Slovakia, that also unusual contractor´s regime for Poland. The other goods and materials are assured through the order or on the basis of pre-agreed contracts. According to the customer´s tasks the dyeing is provided in acceptable minimum of quantity. The company focuses on the goods in high-middle and high-grade with the optimal rate of price and quality with maximum possible delivery service. The actual news and also comprehensive seasonal collection are presented to the customers individually or in cooperation with the suppliers within the relevant trade fair inland and also abroad. Our company participates this like exhibitor, further by the form of organization ensuring the advantaged exposition to our business partners, and last but not least like special consultant or article supplier of exhibition accompanying programs (Interfiliére Paris, STYL Brno, Mode City, SIL Paris).

Communication with our company is possible in English, German, Polish, Slovakian, Russian, Slovenian and Croatian language.

The main currency:    EUR, CZK, PLN.