Transparent polyurethane tape

   Starting from 1999 our offer was expanded about products from transparent elastic polyurethane. First of all, we are obliged to correct the way of its marking. Most users called this tape as a "silicone gum", which is incorrect, because this band has nothing to do with silicon. It is made on the basis of polyurethane (in the USA and the Pacific known as Spandex). Polyurethane is not in the textile industry nothing new. Many of us meets it for many years in knitwear and todays in fabrics, where serves as the elastane fibers providing flexibility and dimensional stability of the material - commercial mark Lycra, Acelan , Elité, Dorlastan, etc. The main manufacturer the PU fibers are primarily knitting or weaving factory focused on elastic.

   Polyurethane transparent tape finds out the use in the clothing branch at the manufacturers such as lingerie or swimwear and it is mainly used to ensure perfect adhesion the material to the skin (internal stiffeners of laced cups, hems).

   In the late 90s was this, in those days novelty, to be seen at the wide range of manufacturers of underwear. Within the fair Interfiliere in Lyon was introduced interchangeable "invisible" straps, which initially offered, except length controller, both endings by the transparent plastic rings to sew and mutual endings of the "G" intended to exchange with straps from knitted elastics. Thus prepared alternative straps are now practically become a part of the sales package, allowing this produced clothes worn under i.e. social clothing, when the upper back and lower neck are uncovered or from transparent materials. In the case of deeply uncovered back parts the transparent polyurethane take over the whole back and side of the bra in different widths role, while the closures often moves forward between the cups . Joining is sometimes done by gluing other by the form of ultrasonic welding that ensures superior strength and it doesn´t intervene to connections with sewing needles , minimizing the risk of subsequent pruning thread stitches.

     PU pásky    PU pásky barevné     PU pásky

   Subsequently the PU straps are offered in a variety of colors, with applied spangle motives, in pearl adjustments, with tattoo and recently applied with Swarovski glass stones.

 Polyurethane tape and its use in the clothing industry:

  • women's and men's underwear (cups, straps, shorty)

  • swimwear

  • sports and outdoor clothing (bike shorts, internal hems jerseys)

  • special working clothes and protective aids

  • hosiery (hold-ups stockings)



  • wide utility

  • unique transparency

  • high flexibility up to 400% higher than other tape

  • long life, even when dry-cleaning

  • chemical resistance

  • resistance to acids, general solvents, oils, sweat, salt or chlorinated water, cosmetics and other fats

  • resistance to light

  • washing and ironing, it can be washed in washing machine and ironing at a temperature of 80 ° C


Execution interchangeable straps:

  • fully transparent with rings or hooks

  • milk with rings or hooks

  • colorful and variously decorated with rings or hooks