Vidal Aymerich S.A.
Vidal accessories
is exclusively a family company with the headquarters in Barcelona, Catalonia, founded in 1987, and following the nearly hundred year family textile tradition in the textile field production and knitwear.

  In the present there are incorporated 4 generation to the company´s management. The company focuses on design and manufacture accessories for the decorative elements for swimwear, underwear, light confection, but also haberdashery etc. Thanks to their imaginative solution it gradually became one of the world's elite suppliers and its creative collection decorates the renowned brands such as random Benetton, Calvin Klein, GAP, Marks & Spencer, Calzedonia, Etam, Speedo and many others from 45 countries around the world. Except for the 20 names they service the network of 22 business agents on 5 continents. Our company presents a VA collection at the late 90s on the markets of Poland, Slovakia, and later on a wider scale also in the Czech Rep.
  The aim and purpose of VA is to offer the fashionable accessories in the attractive design, with the high quality and technical parameters. These efforts are still based on the production in Europe and carry on the one hand a higher price but on the other hand, the manufacturer gets rid of the risk of the global complaints and offers a high level of the customer service, incl. the possibilities to design and produce to a customer exclusive and unique accessories.

The activity of the business representatives adds by the participation on the selected prestigious trade fairs and exhibitions:

Paris Interfiliere - Mode City (France)
Munich Preview (Germany)
Los Angeles Textile (USA)
Cannes Mare di Moda (France)
Medellín Colombiatex (Colombia)