Knitted fabrics for swimwear

 The base of our offer is polyamide knitted printed. To a lesser extent also prints on the stretch fabrics with polyester.

Next are the elastic one color charmeuses, available in both shiny and matt design. There is no absence of still fashionable fluorescent colors.
We recommended to complete one color or multiple color combination of swimwear with the fashionable, color coordinated accessory.

To these smooth materials we offer further structured knitwears in combination or as standalone use. Just as a transparent elastic net and on all sides evenly stretch tulle.

Textile for swimsuits manufacturing:

  • elastic charmeuse, incl. printed versions
  • elastic knitted fabrics from microfibers
  • elastic jackquard
  • elastic net and tulle


The two most used knitted fabrics for swimsuits are elastic charmeuses:

  • shiny - 80% PA6, 20% Lycra, 190 g/m2, 145 cm
  • matte - 82% PA6 micro, 18% Lycra, 190 g/m2, 145 cm


Both of them can be provided in various colour design. To these smooth materials we can offer to swimsuits producers in the combination materials with structured surface or with woven stripes in similar composition and weight in grammes, next for application elastic net, eventually elastic tulle and of course the foundation material for the swimsuits insertion, resp.low-weight to fabric for lining swimwear in white and light colors