Prototype testing

testing In response to the growing occasional interest of sewing rooms and manufacturers of knitwear and light confection (underwear, swimwear), we decided to offer a service according to predefined rules would provide to a manufacturer primary response to it on the market newly introduced product or prototype.

We want to offer to manufacturers an independent and objective opinion on the prototype based on an independent assessment of the assigned evaluator.

Producers would gain valuable view of the user interface and outside the company, except to a considerable extent subjective opinion of a product closely related people (developers, staff pattern shops, other employees, sales representatives)

We assume that there is an interest of each manufacturer and supplier to launch to market its goods to which have the feedback, both from their own developers and sellers, and by the average user, respectively persons with un-connected company and evaluation professionally qualified.

And how does it actually work? For the pre-distribution prototype testing and patterned new products we dispose of a group of educated and knowledgeable people about the problems in the necessary extent.

 The planned news in the stage of the final prototype before the test is measured and documented by its default state.Then it is reused at a pre-set conditions corresponding to a normal use and maintenance. That means that the trained and product testing people then wear the product in their and known to us, the normal daily routine. There are continuously recorded all changes of its status , also it is registered subjective feelings, opinions, and user´s suggestions. Finally, the re-measurement is carried out and documentation the state in the end of the test. The results after the evaluation are provided to the assigned manufacturer by the form of commented protocol incl. the measured values and photo documentation. In the case of the client interest it is possible to extend the evaluation as well as some specific tests and measurements (wear resistance, flammability, etc.), but already provided by an accredited laboratory. To our regular customers and well-paying business partners are provided advantaged conditions.