Fashion shows

The aim of these shows is to allow to exhibitors( for non-participating too ) actually show a dynamic part of their offer directly to the pavilion with the subsequent confrontation with the offered models exhibited collections on exhibition stand.

The potential customers get the opportunity to physically meet with both the product and on-site verify how the product looks when is worn.

We provide:

- participation of the selection and exclusive and prestigious brand´s arrangment for the evening program (Lise Charmel, Simone Perel, Mary Jo, Lisco .....)

- their participation on the preparation of the content, organization and follow the implementation itself

- ongoing surveillance program

Daily shows are held within industry-related pavilion, repeatedly 2 to 3 times during the day

Beach show -  only in August

- takes place "on water surface" between halls G1, G2, primarily appointed as a bonus for regular exhibitors and other participants in the industry-related accompanying program

- the aim of the show is to introduce the swimwear and beach clothing outdoors and in an environment closer to them, then an evening performance has to a large extent a social character. The show is viewed in an easy live conception

Beach show II 2...
Styl II 2007
Styl I 2013
Beach Show 2008
Styl I 2009
Styl srpen 2007
Styl únor 2013