Topic: The potential influence on improperly selected type or size of underwear on user´s health


The effects can be:

Aesthetic - dissatisfaction with their own appearance

User - uncomfortable, low comfort when wornSeminars

health with the effects on the spine

lymphatic system - flow of lymph-sap

skin dermatology - sore spots up to tissue maceration, bruising and abrasions, eczema, fungus, malignancy of pigmented nevi

kinesiology - movement at the level of cells but also tissues (... oppression)

psychological - dissatisfaction with the shape, the size of breasts

the post-operative state- healing wounds, scars

the course of maternity (breastfeeding, loss of breast milk)

oncology - permanent presence of metal parts (whalebone), synth. materials with often strong electrostatic charge - today´s live issue


What is the ideal bra?

 · Fit and strongly supports the breasts

 · Never pull or choked

 · Back part does not scroll upwards

 · Straps do not cut into the shoulders

 · Underwire lead just below the breasts up to your armpits

 Ideal braIdeal bra