Plymouth - goes round the world

Despite its unassuming air, it goes all the way round the world five times a year.

What does? Plymouth´s elastic tape made from natural rubber. With 200 000 km sold each year, mainly in the beachwear market, which represents 70% of sales, the Lyon-based company is the only French company offering this level of expertise it flat elastic. The elastic tape produced by Europe´s leader Plymouth, can be used anywhere and everywhere: for the hems, leg-elastic and necklines of swimsuits created by major and minor brands alike. It can also be found in men´s underwear, the company´s second largest market, followed by the hygiene (nappies) and medical sectors. Exporting 80% of production, the company will be celebrating its 80th birthday next year, having spent the last 40 years as a leading elastic tape supplier and specialist.